Treat your tired legs!

Posted by admin on Aug 19, 2019 5:35:06 PM

We know that Legs Matter. However are we doing enough to take care of them? We use cream to take care of our faces and our hands. Many of us wouldn't consider the importance of treating our legs in the same way.

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98% of satisfied patients can't be wrong!

Posted by admin on Aug 19, 2019 5:13:46 PM

We pride ourselves on what we do and how we do it and felt it was important that we share some fantastic statistics with you.

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Feeling comfortable  whilst pregnant - it's essential !

Posted by admin on Aug 19, 2019 4:49:33 PM

Pregnancy during the hot summer months can be a challenge. However pregnant women still need to be able to dress comfortably, for both work and play. Pregnancy tights are one of those simple items that make a huge difference to how comfy you feel when you’re pregnant.
During early pregnancy, your usual tights can quickly become uncomfortable as the waistband either digs in or rolls down. Gardamed’s maternity tights provide a supportive solution to the issue of discomfort during pregnancy. Visit our website to see our range of  medium, mild or medical compression tights.

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Self help for healthy legs

Posted by admin on Aug 8, 2019 9:21:41 AM


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Top Tips on Keeping Your Legs Healthy

Posted by admin on Aug 8, 2019 8:58:53 AM

Legs Matter Our legs and feet do a lot for us but often they don’t get the attention they deserve. It’s really important that we keep an eye on our lower legs and feet. Even the smallest change to the way they look or feel can be a sign of something more serious.

As proud sponsors of the Legs Matter Campaign 2019, we wanted to share some of their top tips with you for healthier legs in 2019.

Get to know what’s normal for you when it comes to your legs and feet. Here are some things to look out for:

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Exhibiting 1PWS Wound Spray at 6th International Conference on Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention

Posted by admin on Jul 18, 2019 1:53:23 PM

Gardamed are looking forward to exhibiting on Stand 6 at the upcoming conference in Huddersfield on 22nd July : Innovations in Wound Management: Welcome to tomorrow's reality

This unique one day conference will bring together multidisciplinary expert international speakers to explore and investigate issues surrounding wound infection, identification, prevention and management of pressure. This conference will examine research in these areas and relate it to clinical practice, giving health professionals a genuine insight into how research can be put into practice and improve health related quality of life for patients.

Throughout the day, there will be a number of talks from highly regarded professionals. View the full programme here, but here's an overview on what will be going on:


  • Where are we nationally for wound care? National wound care strategy/ Legs Matter - Dr Leanne Atkin
  • Overview of Government/NHS/DH documents - Rich Shorney
  •  From Manchester to MARS – Reducing inequality in service provision for chronic wounds through a ‘whole systems’ approach that leads to population-based transformation - Dr Nas Ahmad
  •   Bespoke wound dressings using 3D printing - A reality for clinical practice? - Professor Alan Smith
  • Technical textiles for wound management and infection prevention - Professor Parik Goswami
  •  Using smart materials for prevention of skin damage - Professor Amit Gefen

Gardamed will be there with the 1 Primary Wound Dressing Spray demonstrating the benefits of this amazing product.


Painless Dressing Change

The oil film prevents the secondary dressing from adhering to the wound and periwound skin, thus enabling a painless dressing change.

Moist Wound Environment

The oil film creates a moist wound environment, thus promoting cell proliferation and activating physiological wound healing.

Antimicrobial Effect

Fatty acids in the oil film enable an antimicrobial effect without cytotoxic side effects that may inhibit wound healing.

Protection and Regeneration

The oil film and its fatty acids protect the periwound skin from maceration and promote the regeneration of the epidermis.


Ease of Use

Nurses involved in daily dressing changes reported that their anxiety of using the wrong dressing type or applying it wrongly reduced significantly.

If you're a health professional and would like one of our team to visit you and demonstrate the 1PWD spray, get in touch today.

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The struggle to put on and take off compression hosiery is over. Welcome to Steve+, the sock helper!

Posted by admin on Jul 18, 2019 1:19:45 PM

Steve plus images put onMany People across the UK wear compression hosiery on a daily basis, worn for comfort, to do better in sports, and to help prevent serious medical conditions. Basically, they improve your blood flow. Putting on and taking off of the stockings has just got easier with the Steve+.The putting and and taking off of the socks can be a real struggle - not if you have the Steve+. Our helpful guide combined with the images above will demonstrate just how easy this is to use:

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If you suffer from leg discomfort?  Aching Legs, Pregnancy, Lymphoedema or Leg Ulcers….

Posted by admin on Jul 3, 2019 11:51:48 AM

Compression Socks could be exactly what you need.  

How Do Compression Socks Work?

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12 Tips for healthy legs during pregnancy

Posted by admin on Jul 3, 2019 10:55:09 AM

Being pregnant means that extra blood is pumped around your body to support you and your baby and this inevitably increases the likelihood of vessel walls relaxing with the increase in pressure.  In addition, heightened hormone production when you are expecting naturally exacerbates this relaxing of the veins.  As your womb expands the veins at the tops of your legs then come under even further pressure which can make them varicose.  In most cases veins significantly improve once your baby is born.

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The battle for lipoedema surgery

Posted by admin on Feb 14, 2019 2:28:36 PM

The Battle for Lipoedema Surgery - : 'I've got pain constantly in my legs'.

This week, the BBC's website carried a video on Lipoedema.  This is a chronic condition that makes you accumulate  fat below the waist, often giving you hips, buttocks and legs that are out of proportion with your upper body and can affect your arms.

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